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Lucie Kaempfer studied for her BA and MA at the University of Lausanne and holds a Phd in medieval English literature from the University of Oxford. Her Phd thesis explored the cultural and literary inscription of the emotion of joy in the works of Geoffrey Chaucer and she is currently finalizing her first monograph entitled The Medieval Language of Love’s Joy: A European Literary History. The book offers a wide-ranging literary history of the emotion of joy in medieval European love poetry that approaches many of the period’s key authors such as Chrétien de Troyes, Guillaume de Machaut, Petrarch, Dante, Gower and Chaucer. Her postdoctoral project, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, investigates the construction of identity in European medieval romance and how processes of cultural and linguistic adaptation impact the reception of literary identity. It takes as its case study the popular romance Partonopeu de Blois, comparing its Old French, Middle High German and Middle English versions. She has published on Chaucer and emotion, and processes of translation in medieval romance and lais.

Medieval Literature and Comparative Literature