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AELLA - Association des Etudiant-e-s

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The Association des Étudiant.e.s en Langue et Littérature Anglaises (AELLA) is the English department’s student association. Our main aim is to promote and celebrate anglophone literatures and cultures within the department by organizing cultural and social events. We organize gatherings throughout the year (apéros, game nights) and we will plan cultural trips and visits in the future. We also support and promote activities such as the Film Club, which is run by the department, and the Creative Writing Group, which is run by students for students. If there is a project or event you would like to carry out, let us know and we will try to make it happen! The AELLA is also here to make students’ voices heard: we answer any questions students may have, we work out solutions to their problems and we forward their concerns or requests to the Commission Mixte.

The AELLA committee is comprised of regular members and members with a function, which are the presidency, the secretariat, the treasury and communication management. The committee is elected at the Assemblée Générale meeting, which occurs once per semester.

This semester, the members of the committee are:

Christina ZHOLDOKOVA, BA student, president
River ORSINI, BA student, vice-president
Daniela NOGUEIRA MATIAS, MA student, co-secretary
Holly LAVERGNE, MA student, co-secretary
Alexia WILLEMEN, BA student, treasurer
Alexandra PINTO BRITES , BA student, communication management
Aïcha BOUCHELAGHEM, doctoral assistant, 2023-2024 auditor
Thomas CORNAZ, doctoral assistant, 2023-2024 auditor
Ana-Paula BRAVO, BA student
Sara CERQUEIRA, MA student
Merve Sinem ÖZEN, BA student

The AELLA is open to non-active members who are informed of the activities of the committee regularly by e-mail and get to vote at the Assemblée Générale meeting.

If you are interested in what we do, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to ask us questions, submit project ideas or become a member, you can contact us via our Facebook and Instagram pages or via our e-mail address: aella(at)