AELLA - Association des Etudiant-e-s

Book Club

The AELLA Book Club’s goal is to create a fun and welcoming environment in which students from the English department can read books outside of class and discuss them as a group. We meet one evening per month to drink some tea and talk about our chosen book of the month. The Book Club was launched by AELLA members in Spring 2020 and later revived by the AELLA in Spring 2022. Each semester, we choose new books about a variety of subjects; we hope to widen our perspectives by discussing books from different contexts. If you love reading but never find the time to read books outside of class, the AELLA Book Club is perfect for you! Further details can be found on the AELLA's Facebook and Instagram accounts.



Book Club - Autumn 2023 poster
Book Club - Spring 2023 poster
Book Club - Autumn 2022 poster

Book Club - Spring 2022 poster
Book Club - Spring 2020 poster