AELLA - Association des Etudiant-e-s

Film Club

The AELLA’s Film Club’s objective is to give students the opportunity to get together after a straining day of studying and revel in a little breather that unifies several types of literary elements in film. The Film Club happens once every two weeks, where we watch a movie with free drinks and food, and discuss our views and opinions afterwards. Launched by the AELLA in Autumn 2019, the Film Club has been revived in Spring 2022 in order to bring back this space of exchange, where we relish in the entertainment of movies and try to analyze the different ways films relay messages to their audience. Join our sessions to enjoy nice cinematic experiences with a hint of learning and a touch of fraternization! More information can be found on the AELLA's Facebook and Instagram accounts.



Film Club - Autumn 2023 poster
Film Club - Spring 2022 poster
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