Study Abroad & Scholarships

Study Abroad for University Credit

All students are advised to spend at least the equivalent of one semester in an English-speaking university preferably in their third year of BA study. The Department has ERASMUS links with some universities in Europe; the University has further exchange agreements with universities in the UK, Australia, the USA and Canada. Students are personally responsible for enquiring about the possibilities available. The application procedure should begin in November for admittance to the university the following academic year.  For general information please click here.

The ERASMUS Programme

All students interested in ERASMUS study should send an e-mail to Prof. Lukas Erne before mid-November for a stay abroad planned for the following academic year. These should normally be BA students intending to spend all or part of their third year of study abroad. A number of ERASMUS places are available to English Department students at the following universities:

University of Kent
University of Leeds
University of Leicester
University of Limerick 

These ERASMUS places in the UK and Ireland will be assigned competitively, based on students' average grade in English.

A number of ERASMUS places may be made available to English Department students through FTI (formerly ETI) exchanges.  The number of places, and the universities where these places are available, is made known in the Spring of each year.  These ERASMUS places will be assigned competitively, based on students' average grade in English.

Finally, for students taking English in combination with certain other subjects, the following options are available:

University College London (Classics as the second subject)
University of Nottingham (Philosophy as the second subject)
University of York (LInguistics as the second subject)

Applications for these exchanges have to be made through the other department.

For more information consult the webpage of the ERASMUS programme of International Relations. For a more personal account of ERASMUS stays, read the following four student reports:


Other Exchange Agreements

Students should consult with staff in the University’s International Relations Office, located in UniMail, in the first instance. The Department has notices about assistantships abroad, on the noticeboards on the second-floor of the Comédie building. Moreover, information about the possibility of staying in a university in Great Britain or the United States is sometimes available from the English department library (situated in the basement of Uni-Bastions), as well as from the member of staff responsible for English studies abroad,  Prof. Lukas Erne.   

Under the modular system of credits, it is normally possible to count work undertaken in a university abroad as contributing towards a module or modules, subject to the Faculty's agreement. The maximum number of credits students can have recognized in Geneva is 30 per semester (for all subjects together). Before leaving for study abroad, students must consult with a professor of the English department to determine which courses offered by the university they plan to attend would be most appropriate to the student's plan of study at Geneva.

There are financial possibilities to cover these stays abroad. A limited number of special grants are provided by the Faculty of Letters for an amount of up to 3000 CHF per grant.  This amount is in addition to the SEMP grant of 300 CHF per month.  For more information, including deadlines for application, please click on this link.


Exchange Partner Universities

Australia :
Australian National University
University of Sydney
University of Melbourne
Macquarie University 
University of New South Wales 

Canada :
Bishop’s University
Concordia University
McGill University
University of British Columbia
University of Ottawa
University of Toronto
York University

UK and Ireland :

University of Aberdeen 
University of Oxford


Boston University
Smith College
University of California, Los Angeles

University of Pennsylvania
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Washington, Seattle
Northeastern University