Prospective Students

Complément d'études

BA Complement before beginning the masters programme:

Prospective students who have not obtained their Bachelor's degree from the University of Geneva and who wish to begin a Master's degree at our university should first consult the information to be found here (document in French).

It is important to note the following:

Admission criteria


BA  worth at least 60 ETCS credits in the discipline of the proposed Master, or a diploma deemed to be equivalent.

Depending on a student's previous cursus, a  BA complement (complément de Bachelor) may be required.

If your admission to the English department is accepted, but the admission letter you receive from the Faculty stipulates that you need to complete some or all of our BA modules before beginning your Master, it is imperative that you contact our department's adviser for complement students, Professor Genoveva Puskas, before you begin your classes.  She will be able to advise you on the most efficient way to plan your BA complement programme.

Contacts :

Département d'anglais : Prof. Genoveva Puskas

Conseiller aux études de la Faculté des lettres: M. Olivier Frutiger