Doctoral Workshop in Medieval and Early Modern English Studies

The Geneva Doctoral Workshop in Medieval and Early Modern English Studies, now called the CUSO Doctoral Workshop in Medieval and Early Modern English Studies (see, has been meeting on a fortnightly basis in term time since the academic year 2007-2008. It is convened by Professors Guillemette Bolens and Lukas Erne, and attended by English Department PhD students, post-docs, and staff in medieval and early modern. Past sessions have covered topics such as: beginning and organising doctoral research, using digital resources, planning and perfecting conference presentations, how to get work published, writing book reviews, and chairing conference panels. Other sessions have offered opportunities for the presentation of work-in-progress papers, or have been devoted to special topics in medieval and early modern English studies.

Scholars who have led workshops in the past include Pascale Aebischer (University of Exeter), Irena Backus (University of Geneva), Ladina Bezzola (University of Basel), Antoinina Bevan-Zlatar (University of Zurich), Margaret Bridges (University of Berne), Stewart Brookes (King’s College London), Colin Burrow (University of Oxford), Dympna Callaghan (University of Syracuse), Patrick Cheney (Penn State University), Timothy Chesters (University of Cambridge), Hugh Craig (University of Newcastle, Australia), Brian Cummings (University of York), Kevin Curran (University of Lausanne), Emma Depledge (University of Fribourg), Elisabeth Dutton (University of Fribourg), Rachel Falconer (University of Lausanne), Mary Flannery (University of Lausanne), Alan Fletcher (University College Dublin), Neil Forsyth (University of Lausanne), Alexandra Gillespie (University of Toronto), Indira Ghose (University of Fribourg), Andrew Hadfield (University of Sussex), Lorna Hutson (University of St. Andrews), Isabel Karreman (University of Zurich), Sarah Kelen (Nebraska Wesleyan University), Annette Kern-Stähler (University of Berne), M. J. Kidnie (University of Western Ontario), Katell Lavéant (University of Utrecht), Raphael Lyne (University of Cambridge), Sonia Massai (King's College London), David Matthews (University of Manchester), Robert Miola (Loyola University Maryland), Helen Moore (University of Oxford), Oliver Morgan (University of Cambridge), Anthony Mortimer (University of Fribourg), Scott Newstok (Rhodes College), Stephen Orgel (Stanford University), Denis Renevey (University of Lausanne), Jennifer Richards (Newcastle University), Sif Rikardsdottir (University of Iceland), Devani Singh (University of Geneva), Cathy Shrank (University of Sheffield), Nigel Smith (Princeton University), Mauro Spicci (University of Milan), Kirsten Stirling (University of Lausanne), Margaret Tudeau-Clayton (University of Neuchâtel), Marion Uhlig (University of Fribourg), Bart Van Es (University of Oxford), Greg Walker (University of Edinburgh), Daniel Wakelin (University of Oxford), Richard Waswo (University of Geneva), and Christiania Whitehead (Universities of Warwick and Lausanne).

Interested PhD students from all CUSO and CUSO-affiliated universities are invited to attend and can have their travel expenses reimbursed. For more information, see the website of the CUSO doctoral programme in English (click here).