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Caroline MARTIN

Mme Caroline MARTIN


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Caroline obtained her MA in English and French literature from the University of Geneva in 2018. Her early research explored the relationship between the New Woman and the figure of the hysteric in Victorian fiction and focused on instances of dialogism between conflicting discursive formations within the diegetic world. Her thesis, supervised by Prof. Deborah Madsen, draws from narratology, critical theory, and reader-response criticism to investigate the ideological functions of narrative structures in a selection of New Woman short fiction from the British Isles and the United States. More broadly, she is interested in the correlation between didacticism and readerly agency in women’s writing of the nineteenth century. Other research interests include narrative theory, speech act theory, and performativity.

Caroline teaches literary analysis and methodology at undergraduate level in the context of two seminars on English and American literature. She also coordinates the department’s Writing Lab, which provides individual tutoring services to students about academic writing.

Littérature américaine