Laboratoire d'écriture (Writing Lab)


Mme Megan ZEITZ

Auxiliaire de recherche et d'enseignement

CO 213
+41 22 379 70 18

Megan completed her English BA in September 2017 and obtained her Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature and General History in September 2018, at the University of Geneva. She is currently in the second year of her MA in English. Her main area of interest is 19th century literature, from the Romantic period to fin de siècle, with a focus on Romanticism. She is particularly interested in setting, landscape and environmental aesthetics in novels and lyric poetry, which she likes to approach through the lenses of philosophy, ecocriticism and intertextuality. She is currently writing her memoir on the autumnal aesthetics of melancholy and temporality in Romantic writings.

Laboratoire d'écriture (Writing Lab)