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Amy’s research interests include gender and queer studies, the history of emotions, translation studies and adaptation theory. She holds a BA and MPhil, both from the University of Sydney, and is working on her PhD on opposite-sex friendships in Middle English narratives. She teaches classes on a range of medieval topics, including Old English, medieval romance, and special thematic seminars on gender and sexuality.

Recent Publications

Journal Articles:

  • Brown, Amy. ‘Female Homosociality and the Marriage Plot: Women and Marriage Negotiation in Cligés and Le Chevalier au Lion’. Parergon 33.1 (2016) 49-68.

Media Articles:

Forthcoming Publications

  • Brown, Amy. ‘Lancelot in the Friend Zone’, in Emotions in Medieval Media ed. Mary C Flannery (Brepols, date TBA)

Recent Papers / conférences récentes

  • ‘Text-Image Relationship in Medieval and Modern Arthuriana’, with Olivia Gunduz-Lindem at the Swiss Association for Medieval and Early Modern English Studies Biennial Congress 2016
  • ‘Fathers, Friends and Feasting’, Leeds International Medieval Congress 2016
  • ‘Lancelot in the Friend Zone: Strategies for Offering and Limiting Friendship in the Stanzaic Morte Arthur’, Leeds International Medieval Congress 2015 (as part of the panel ‘Elusive Affection’ organised by Amy Brown and Regan Eby)
  • ‘The Unsteady Ground of Friendship’, at the ‘Emotions and Medieval Media’ workshop, University of Lausanne, June 2015
  • ‘The Good, the Bad and the Incestuous: Women’s Role in Marriage Negotiations in the Romances of Chrétien de Troyes’, Australian and New Zealand Association for Medieval and Early Modern Studies biannual conference 2013



Littérature médiévale