Littérature moderne (18e - 20e siècles)



Postdoc et membre de l'équipe de recherche

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Research Interests / Recherches

I hold a BA in Portuguese and English Literature from the University of São Paulo (USP), a MA in Music from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and a PhD in Comparative Literature and Translation from UFRJ and Kings College London. In 2021 I was granted a postdoctoral scholarship by the programme de Bourses d’Excellence de la Confédération Suisse to conduct my research at UNIGE.

I have approached Blake’s works through different perspectives in the course of my academic path, including Analytic Psychology, Music and Translation. I am currently writing a monograph on the reception of Blake`s works in Music in which I seek to explore a wide variety of settings and investigate the influence of Blake’s literary reception on such a remarkable phenomenon.


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QUERINO, C. O. Canções de Inocência e Experiência: Reinventando William Blake através da música popular. Anais do 15º Colóquio de Pesquisa, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro Escola de Música, 2020

<< Songs of Innocence and Experience: Reinventing Blake in Popular Music>>

QUERINO, C. O. The music anthologies of William Blake. Queen Mary University of London International Conference Canon? Practice? Commodity? The Past, Present and Future of the Literary Anthology Annals, June-2019

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<< Perspectives and Actions of Music Education From Pibid in Music UFRJ>>

Translation of the lyrics of the album Thick as a Brick in TULL, Jethro. Thick as a Brick- 40th Anniversary Edition. Chrisalys Records, 2013.

Littérature moderne (18e - 20e siècles)