Littérature moderne (18e - 20e siècles)

Patrick JONES

M. Patrick JONES


CO 210
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Patrick holds an MA in Critical and Cultural Theory (English Studies) from the University of Leeds. His research focuses primarily on the intersections between modern literature and continental philosophy, and he is currently working on a doctoral project entitled ‘Henry James and the Phenomenology of Life’ under the supervision of Professor Simon Swift.

Recent Papers / Conférences récentes 

 –––. ‘L’homme vu du dehors: Henry James and Maurice Merleau-Ponty’, Critical Theory and Life: Ethics, Religion, Ecology (Northern Theory School), Université de Genève, May 2016.

–––. ‘Laying Bare the Ground: Milly Theale and the Question of ‘Living’’, Shifting Grounds: Literature, Culture, and Spatial Phenomenologies, Universität Zürich, November 2016.

–––. ‘Full Pauses: Henry James and Vitalism’, Modernist Life (British Association for Modernist Studies), University of Birmingham, June 2017.

–––. ‘The Lesson of Zola: Henry James and Creative Evolution’, Forms of Knowledge: Literature and Philosophy (OverLap), University of Edinburgh, November 2017.

Littérature moderne (18e - 20e siècles)