Littérature moderne (18e - 20e siècles)


Dr Sangam MacDuff

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I specialise in twentieth and twenty-first century Anglophone literature, with a particular focus on James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, T. S. Eliot, and Samuel Beckett. I recently published a monograph on Joyce that situates the short, enigmatic texts Joyce called “epiphanies” in relation to their Classical, Biblical and Romantic forbears, and I am co-editing a new edition of Joyce’s epiphanies. My current research, funded by the Fonds Nationale Suisse, investigates a series of surprising filiations between logic and literature, from 1850 to the present.



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James Joyce, Epiphanies: A Critical Edition, ed. Sangam MacDuff, Angus McFadzean and Morris Beja. Paris: Hermann. Forthcoming.


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Littérature moderne (18e - 20e siècles)