Littérature moderne (16e - 18e siècles)

Florence HAZRAT

Dr Florence HAZRAT


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Research Interests / Recherches

Florence has received her PhD from the University of St Andrews, and holds a BA and M.Phil. in English Literature from the University of Cambridge. She is particularly interested in sound studies, the conjunction of music and poetry, Renaissance rhetoric, and the socio-cultural history of literary form. She is currently working with Professor Lukas Erne on editing an early modern German version of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew.


Chapter Contributions

-"'The wisedom of your feete': Dance, Rhetoric and Cognition", in the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare and Dance.

 -"'Let the sky rain potatoes': Memory and Sonic Nationhood in Shakespeare's Work", in the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare and Music.

 -"Weaving Time: Petrarch's Triumphs and Representations of Self in Renaissance Culture", in the forthcoming collected edition Meanings of Time and Self in Early Modern Europe.



Regular reviewer for the Forum for Modern Languages Studies (Oxford Journals) since 2014.


Littérature moderne (16e - 18e siècles)