Littérature moderne (16e - 18e siècles)

Nadine WEISS

Dr Nadine WEISS


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Research interests

Nadine Weiss holds degrees from the University of Richmond (VA), Yale University, and most recently, the University of Cambridge, where she completed her doctoral work on the early modern religious sonnet. Her primary research interests lie in two main areas (and eras) of early modern literature: (1) sixteenth-and seventeenth-century British devotional lyric poetry; (2) British and continental sonnet traditions of the long eighteenth century. Other specific interests include the early modern English religious sonnet; female religious sonneteers (especially Anne Vaughan Lok and Elizabeth Melville); biblical intertextuality in Milton’s late-career poems; revisionary fragments of 'The Faerie Queene'; German and English comparative literature.



Littérature moderne (16e - 18e siècles)