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The film club organises a screening every Thursday evening at 7.15 p.m. in room B112 at Uni-Bastions. Although the films are always linked to a course or seminar, all students of the English Department are welcome any time.
Feel free to bring along drinks and nibbles, or to join your fellow students for a nightcap after the screening. The film club is a great place for students to meet, chat, and get to know each other outside the classroom.

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Various Events For a schedule of upcoming festivals, film cycles and other events in and around Geneva, please consult the film section of our latest department newsletter (NOTED).
Ciné-Club Uni The ciné-club is part of the activités culturelles of the University. Each academic year, three new film cycles with a particular focus are proposed.
Vidéo-Cinéma The film studio of the activités culturelles offers several courses in practical film training and editing.
Cinecursus In collaboration with the activités culturelles, cinecursus presents a wide range of courses covering analysis of filmic narratives, the history of cinema, writing and analysis of scenarios and much more.

About the Film Club


We are always interested in your feedback and are grateful for your comments, ideas and suggestions. Please contact Amy Brown.

The Beginning of the Film Club

A few years ago, we organised two informal film screenings related to the first-year introductory lecture. The enthusiasm of the students who attended these two evenings prompted us to establish a film club on a regular, weekly basis, organised by Valerie Fehlbaum and Michael Röösli.
In the autumn of 2009, student Lilia Aghzafi and PhD student Anna Iatsenko took over the film club.  More recently the film club has been organised by PhD student  Bryn Skibo-Birney.
Although the screenings - for legal reasons - are always linked to a current seminar or lecture, they are open to every member of the English department.

Archive of Previous Programmes

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