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Doctoral Workshop in Modern and Contemporary English Studies


This workshop aims to support three key aspects of life as a doctoral student: the acquisition of professionalization skills as part of career development, the use of advanced critical theory, and the presentation of the research project (work-in-progress). The workshop also offers an occasion to develop and sustain a community of early-career researchers working in the broad field of nineteenth-, twentieth- and twenty-first century literatures in English. Doctoral candidates in their first year of studies in the Geneva English Department are expected to present a work-in-progress paper at some point in the first year, as part of the preparation for the pre-doctoral examination, and all PhD students are encouraged to present their work regularly. Please let us know when you would like to participate so that we can organise the sessions accordingly.

Schedule: Spring 2017

Theme: Reading

Deborah Madsen, Slow Professor

Oran Mc Kenzie, Ivan Illich (1993) The Vineyard of the Text  

Arnaud Barras, “Inscribed Reading in Metafiction”

Patrick Jones, Are we Postcritical?

Nicholas Weeks, “Hiatus and Caesurae in Agamben and Benjamin”

Simon Swift, Garrett Stewart (2015) The Deed of Reading