The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is an instrument promoted by the Council of Europe which defines levels of proficiency in a foreign language based on know-how in different fields of competence.

These levels are the reference in the field of language learning and teaching in many countries.

Students in intensive French courses are divided into groups according to their levels and sub-levels on the CEFR scale.


Consult the evaluation grid by CECRL levels: click here



- A0: complete beginner

- A1 (A1/1, A1/2): beginner

- A2 (A2/1, A2/2): advanced beginner

- B1 (B1/1, B1/2, B1/3): intermediate

- B2 (B2/1, B2/2, B2/3): advanced intermediate

- C1 (C1/1, C1/2): superior