The University of Geneva

The University of Geneva is the continuation of the Academy founded by Jean Calvin in 1559. It became a university when the Faculty of medicine was founded in 1873.

UNIGE has the third largest number of students in Switzerland, 40% of whom are international students (2017).

In 2016, the University came in 53rd in the Shanghaï Ranking of World Universities, 95th according to the QS World University Ranking and held the 131st position in the TIMES  World University  Rankings.

There are nine faculties, thirteen interfaculty centres and the Maison des Langues.

More than 16000 students, 3500 professors and other staff work and study on three main sites.


French Summer Courses

Founded in 1891, the Summer Courses of the University of Geneva are the first Holiday Courses in history.

They derive their fame from the high quality of their teaching and the collaboration of eminent professors, such as, at the beginning of the 20th century, Charles Bally in the field of stylistics.

Our courses have always included workshops and cultural activities to introduce students to local history and experience. Pronunciation classes are also an important part of the programme.

This combination of work and play has been the key to our success as, in one century, we have gone from ninety-eight to over one thousand students.

We welcome students of all ages from all around the world, which makes our courses an inspiring cross-cultural experience.