Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the optional activities. These activities can be taken with no enrollment and at no extra charge.

Our optional classes are classified by level and skills required. The schedule is provided on the first day of classes.


A few examples of our activities*:

*content may vary depending on the course session


Academic conferences

  • Switzerland and its Languages
  • Swiss History from its Origins to the Present Day
  • Society: Care and Mistreatment
  • From Humans' Natural History to Earth's Human History

Political Conferences (sponsored by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs)

  • Switzerland and International Organisations
  • Switzerland and Human Security
  • Switzerland and European Integration
  • Switzerland and Environmental Protection

Thematic activities on Switzerland

  • Swiss Tales and Fairy Tales
  • Discover Switzerland
  • Arts and Culture
  • Literature and History

Activities on the French language

  • Grammar: awareness, lesson and exercises, written expression
  • Creative Writing
  • Professional Writing
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Oral Expression
  • French for everyday life
  • Grammar and vocabulary games

Activities on pronunciation

  • Pronunciation in class
  • Pronunciation in the media lab

Cultural activities

  • Playful visits of museums
  • Guided tours in Geneva
  • Theatre and song workshops