Faculty of Humanities

Message from the Dean


With over 2,000 students, the Faculty of Humanities is one of the University of Geneva’s largest faculties. The subjects we offer encompass ancient times (archaeology, Greek, Latin, Mediæval French, ancient religions) and modern (Modern French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese), covering topics as varied as history, philosophy, musicology, art history, linguistics and computer science for the humanities.

The more unusual subjects we offer – Mesopotamian civilizations, Armenian, Coptic, Mediæval Latin and Modern Greek, Portuguese, Romansh and Korean – set us apart from other universities. They contribute to the intellectual wealth of our university, challenging and engaging our students, and sometimes taking them down paths they never expected.

Our faculty has gained international recognition in a number of different fields. Our departments have obtained funding from Swiss and European scientific organizations and we take part in international projects that are at the forefront of global research.

For us, it’s important that our students not only acquire knowledge but also fully immerse themselves in university life through our Faculty’s Collaborative council (in charge of setting our Faculty’s policies), committees and associations (see Participation étudiante – only available in French).

While our Faculty puts great emphasis on classical studies, we take a modern-day approach to these subjects. We seek to give our students the knowledge, methodology and critical thinking skills that will allow them to not only unlock the mysteries of the past, but also understand developments in modern-day society. Furthermore, our methods and research are rooted in ethical principles that are particularly important today.

At the end of their studies, our students are equipped with skills that are valued worldwide. Our graduates work in a myriad of different fields.

Doing a degree in humanities is both challenging and enlightening. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Jan Blanc