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Conférence de Carina Roth : "Religious Itinerancies: The Example of Mizuko kuyō"

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Religious Itinerancies:The Example of Mizuko kuyō

par Carina Roth,

le mercredi 2  juin2021, de 16h00 à 17h30 JST, Japon (9h00-10h30 CET, Europe).


Inscription : https://tinyurl.com/ywhmxswu


In a 1991 article on mizuko kuyō (most commonly memorial rituals for aborted
fetuses), Zwi Werblowsky somewhat provocatively describes this practice as the most
important of Japan's so-called New Religions. This talk will revisit Werblowsky's
claim by placing these rituals in the wider social and political context of post-war
Japan. It will then follow the expansion of mizuko kuyō to other Asian countries as
well as the United States, finally offering a comparison with recent rituals
surrounding perinatal death in Europe. Via the example of mizuko kuyō, Roth will
reflect on the malleability of conceptions that are embedded in established or
semi-established religious contexts, and on how they respond to social, spiritual or
ethical needs in different times and places.