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2020: Philanthropic funding for individuals: historical and contemporary challenges

The Geneva Centre for Philanthropy is delighted to invite you to an online Philanthropy Lunch :

Philanthropic funding for individuals:
historical and contemporary challenges

 Thursday 1 October 2020
12:15 - 1:30 pm | Zoom webinar

The awarding of scholarships to selected persons has always been part of the philanthropy scene, alongside institutional funding, be it for the support of teaching, scientific research or fostering specific skills. But funding individuals has also been a constant challenge for philanthropic organizations since the beginning of the 20th century: although it can be relatively advantageous from a financial standpoint, it is difficult to implement because it requires finding the right people for the right projects, and because it is often difficult to evaluate the impact of these grants when it is not always visible or measurable in the short term. 

This technical, financial and intellectual issue will be addressed by this panel from both an academic and a practical perspective, through several examples of past and present fellowship programs in the United States, Europe and Africa and with the desire to promote dialogue between the expertise of historians and of those working in the field.




PANEL – 12:15 pm 

Moderation by Prof. Henry Peter, Head, Geneva Centre for Philanthropy

Ludovic Tournès, Professor of International History, UNIGE

James Allen Smith, Vice-President and Director of Research and Education of the Rockefeller Archive Center 

Michel Carton, Emeritus Professor, development economics, The Graduate Institute

Anton Tarradellas, Researcher and Lecturer in International History, UNIGE

Q&A – 1:00 pm

CONCLUSION – 1:20 pm

UPDATE on the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy – 1:25 pm
Laetitia Gill, Executive Director, Geneva Centre for Philanthropy

END – 1:30 pm


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23 septembre 2020