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Karen Martini obtained her Bachelor Degree in Italian Language and Literature at the University of Bologna (graduated with honors in July 2012) and her Master Degree in Linguistics, Persuasive Communication, Technology and Cognitive Studies at the University of Siena. She graduated with honors in Mars 2015 with the dissertation Locality and intervention effects in an Italian aphasic speaker.



She is currently pursuing her PhD in language acquisition under the supervision of Adriana Belletti, as part of the ERC-funded project SynCart (Syntactic Cartography and Locality in Adult Grammar and in Language Acquisition; PI Luigi Rizzi). Her research deals with A-bar dependencies in first language acquisition and focuses on intervention effects of the Relativized Minimality type put forth in Rizzi 2004 and Friedmann et al. 2009.



Martini Karen (2015) Effetti di località e complessità grammaticale nel comportamento linguistico di un parlante italiano afasico. Talk at the Speech Therapy Department, University of Siena, Italy.

Martini Karen (2016) Relativized Minimality and object A' dependencies in aphasia: new evidence from a case study. Poster at the Journée des doctorants, Langage & Communication. University of Geneva, Switzerland. PDF

Martini Karen, Adriana Belletti, Carla Contemori, Luigi Rizzi (2016) Subject-object relative clauses asymmetry: the role of the lexical restriction in Production. Poster at the Romance Turn VIII. Bellaterra, Spain. PDF

Martini Karen, Giuseppe Samo (2016) The SynCart Website. Talk at the 1st SynCart Workshop. From Maps to Principles: Syntactic Cartography and Locality. Chiusi, Italy.

Martini Karen (2017) Si-causative Passive Object Relatives: comparing Italian and French. Talk at the Geneva Passives Workshop. University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Martini Karen (2017) Animacy does not affect the production of relative clauses: evidence from French. Talk at the Workshop on Syntax Processing. University of Trento, Italy. PDF

Martini Karen (2017) Animacy does not affect the production and the repetition of relative clauses: evidence from French. Talk at the 13th Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition (GALA 13), Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Martini Karen (2018) On animacy, intervention, and production. Talk at the Child Language Symposium, University of Reading, UK. 

Martini Karen (2018) Modulating intervention in production: The role of the lexical restriction feature. Talk at the Conference on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Linguistic Theory 2 (CIALT-2), Berlin, Germany.



Martini, K. (2017) On subjects and by-phrases in Italian-speaking children: Evidence from an elicited production study of object relatives, Generative Grammar in Geneva (GG@G), Vol. 10. PDF

Martini, K., Belletti, A., Contemori, C., Rizzi L. (2018) On the role of lexical restriction and intervention in production: A new angle on the subject-object relatives asymmetry, Proceedings of the 1st SynCart Workshop "From maps to principles", Special Issue of Generative Grammar in Geneva (GG@G), Vol. 11. PDF

Martini, K. (2019) Animacy does not help French-speaking children in the repetition of object relatives, in P. Guijarro-Fuentes & C. Suárez-Gómez (eds), Language Acquisition and Development. Proceedings of GALA 2017, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 221-240.



Collaborateurs de l'enseignement et de la recherche