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Le projet de recherche LogPrag


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Direction: Jacques Moeschler, professeur ordinaire

Postdoc: Joanna Blochowiak

PhD student:  Karoliina Lohiniva

Description of the project

The research project LogPrag aims at investigating the logical words (LWs) in French. By LWs, we refer to words that have their counterparts in logic, in particular, connectives and words expressing negation and quantifiers. LogPrag will focus on negation and logical connectives.

More precisely, the goal of this project is to build the theoretical framework for an appropriate description and explanation of mechanisms behind the use of LWs in natural languages and in French in particular. As it is well known, the meaning of LWs such as and, or, not, if is defined in classical propositional logic in terms of 2-valued truth-functional semantics (truth-tables). However, the interpretation of LWs in natural languages differs from the logical one due to pragmatic reasons. In the same time, LWs in natural language keep subtle relationships with their logical homologues (see for a general presentation Allwood, Dahl & Andersson 1977; Moeschler & Reboul 1994, chapter 6; Reboul & Moeschler 1998, chapter 5). The hypothesis adopted by LogPrag is that the logical meanings of LWs are primary and their pragmatic interpretation is the result of a restriction on their logical meaning (‘restriction domain hypothesis’ (RDH)). A counterhypothesis would claim that pragmatic meanings are primary in natural language and that logical meanings are abstracted later in development, for instance in an educational context.

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Moeschler, J. (2013) How ‘Logical’ are Logical Words? Negation and its Descriptive vs. Metalinguistic Uses, in Taboada M. & Trnavac R. (eds.), Nonveridicality, evaluation and coherence relations, Leiden, Brill, 76-110

Blochowiak, J. (2014) "A presuppositional account of causal and temporal interpretations of and" Topoi. Springer. DOI 10.1007/s11245-014-9289-9


Events - participation

Chronos 2014

Intercultural Pragmatics Malte 2014


Events - organisation

Workshop 'Les méthodes empiriques', 29-30 janvier 2015 et 25-26 mars 2015

Part 1

Part 2

Workshop LogPrag, 17-19 juin 2015, Les Diablerets, Suisse

Workshop SLE, 2 – 5 Septembre 2015, Leiden

9th Days of Swiss Linguistics / 9e Journées de Linguistique Suisse