Syntaxe et psycholinguistique

On Cartography



About Cartography

This section aims to provide some useful tools for Cartographic research:


The Map of the Left Periphery

Here, the different functional projections populating the Left Periphery are listed and accompanied by descriptions and examples.


Theoretical Issues

Some guidelines on the structure of the Left Periphery and some theoretical issues from the literature are presented here.


Cartography-related References

A collection of Cartography-related references: (i) an extensive list of studies related to Cartography in alphabetical order, (ii) the list of the volumes in the subseries "The Cartography of Syntactic Structures" in the Oxford Studies in Comparative Syntax, and (iii) the (world) map of Cartography-related studies, with a comprehensive list of the different languages and varieties analyzed in the cartographic literature.





The section "About Cartography"
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