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Mise au concours Postdoc à l'Université de Berne - mars 2023

Annonce de l'Université de Berne:
"The Institute for the Study of the Middle East and Muslim Societies invites applications for a postdoc. Deadline for application: 20  March 2023.
The position  is for 3 years with possibility of renewal for further 3 years in case of positive evaluation.
The postdoc will devote 50% of their time to their own research, on any topic related to the modern or contemporary history of the Middle East (particularly its social, political or economic dimensions).
The rest of the postdoc's time will be devoted to supporting the activities of the Institute with teaching and administration."

Descriptif du poste: https://ohws.prospective.ch/public/v1/jobs/cc402f32-0ed4-4616-a4d2-af0ea17afce8?fbclid=IwAR3-tG6xSEJhplLKnUi8XdXMJ-QLEzYORJI-GmIdWaFuDQ7Qw9kXBdYLvO0

22 févr. 2023

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