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Projet FNRS/SCOPES n° 7AMPJO65632 et IB7310-110912 (2001-2009) sur :

“The work of David the Invincible: the diffusion of Neoplatonic thought and the spread of Neoplatonic texts in ancient and mediaeval Armenia”

Gohar MURADYAN, David the Invincible, David the Invincible Commentary on Porphyry’s Isagoge. Old Armenian Text with the Greek Original, an English Translation, Introduction and Notes

Philosophia Antiqua 137.

Commentaria in Aristotelem Armeniaca. Davidis Opera 3 [curantibus Valentina Calzolari et Jonathan Barnes]

Leiden – Boston, Brill, 2014

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David the Invincible

Valentina CALZOLARI – Jonathan BARNES (eds),

L'œuvre de David l'Invincible et la transmission de la pensée grecque dans la tradition arménienne et syriaque
(Commentaria in Aristotelem Armeniaca - Davidis Opera Vol. 1)

Series : Philosophia Antiqua, 116

Brill : Leiden – Boston 2009, 233 pp. (ISBN 978 90 04 16047 7)


David l invincible

David, a member of the Platonic school in Alexandria in the sixth century, is credited with several commentaries on Aristotle’s logic: those commentaries, and their Armenian translations, form the subject of this book. An introduction, which discusses David and his place in the Greek and the Armenian traditions, is followed by a series of studies of the relations between the Greek texts and their Armenian translations: the aims are, first, to assess the value of the translations for the constitution of the original Greek, and secondly, to consider the ways in which the Armenian translations adapted the texts to suit their new readership. More generally, the book is concerned with the ways in which Greek thought was exported abroad—to Armenia and to Syria: it is required reading for anyone who is interested in the circulation of ideas between east and west.

Contributors include: Sen Arevshatyan, Jonathan Barnes, Valentina Calzolari, Henri Hugonnard-Roche, Gohar Muradyan, Michael Papazian, Manea Shirinian, Clive Sweeting, Albert Stepanyan, Aram Topchyan.

16 février 2014