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Research Fellow

Hamid Taieb is a research fellow on the project "Meaning and Intentionality in Anton Marty. At the Crossroads of the Philosophy of Language and Mind". He is a member of Inbegriff – Geneva Seminar for Austro-German Philosophy.

Curriculum Vitae
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Education and Degrees

– PhD, Philosophy (2014)
“La relation intentionnelle dans la tradition aristotélicienne. Étude de la réception des textes d’Aristote sur les corrélats psychiques”
Jointly supervised by Prof. Christophe Erismann, University of Lausanne, and Prof. Alain de Libera, École pratique des hautes études, Paris.

– Master of Arts, Philosophy (2008)
University of Geneva

Recent Works

a. Books

Relational Intentionality: Brentano and the Aristotelian Tradition, series “Primary Sources in Phenomenology, sub-series “Franz Brentano”, Springer, Dordrecht (under contract).
– with Guillaume Fréchette (eds.): Mind and Language. On the Philosophy of Anton Marty, series “Phenomenology & Mind”, De Gruyter, Berlin (under contract).

b. Articles in Journals

– “Building Objective Thoughts: Stumpf, Twardowski and the Late Husserl on Psychic Products”, Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie (forthcoming, 2018).
– “Intentionality and Reference: A Brentanian Distinction”, The Monist 100/1 (2017), Issue on Brentano, ed. Uriah Kriegel, p. 120-132.
– “Intentionnalité et κρίσις dans la réception de Métaphysique Δ, 15”, in Revue philosophique de Louvain 114/3 (2016), issue on Intentionality in the Aristotelian Tradition, eds. Kristell Trego, Laurent Villevieille, p. 421-444.
– “Husserl et P.F. Strawson sur les qualités secondes”, Studia philosophica 75 (2016), Issue on Intentionality and Subjectivity, ed. Guillaume Fréchette, p. 101-117.
– “Classifying Knowledge and Cognates: On Aristotle’s Categories VIII, 11a20-38 and Its Early Reception”, Documenti e studi sulla tradizione filosofica medievale 27 (2016), p. 85-106.

– “Relations and Intentionality in Brentano’s Last Texts”, Brentano Studien 13 (2015), p. 183-210.
– “The ‘Intellected Thing’ (res intellecta) in Hervaeus Natalis”, Vivarium 53 (2015), p. 26-44.

c. Book Chapters

– “Intellection in Aquinas: From Habit to Operation”, in Nicolas Faucher, Magali Roques (eds.), The Ontology and Axiology of Habits in Medieval Philosophy, Springer, Cham (forthcoming).
– “Austro-German Transcendent Objects before Husserl”, in Guillaume Fréchette, Hamid Taieb (eds.), Mind and Language – On the Philosophy of Anton Marty, De Gruyter, Berlin (forthcoming).
– “Scotus’ Nature: From Universal to Trope”, in Fabrizio Amerini, Laurent Cesalli, Alessandro Conti (eds.), Universals in the Fourteenth Century, Edizioni della Scuola Normale, Pisa (forthcoming, 2017).
– “Brentano on Properties and Relations”, in Uriah Kriegel (ed.), Routledge Handbook of Franz Brentano and the Brentano School, Routledge, London (forthcoming, 2017).

d. Translations

– Franz Brentano, “Les thèses d’habilitation”, “Les quatre phases de la philosophie et son état actuel”, “Erreurs modernes sur la connaissance des lois de l’inférence” and “Sur la théorie des illusions d’optique”, in Franz Brentano, Essais et Conférences, 2 vol., ed. Denis Fisette, Guillaume Fréchette, Vrin, Paris (forthcoming, 2017).

Other Affiliations

– Research fellow on the FWF project "Franz Brentano's Descriptive Psychology", University of Salzburg.
– Board member of the Geneva Group of the French-speaking Swiss Society of Philosophy.