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Ph.D. student of Katerina Ierodiakonou

I studied Philosophy at the University 'Ca' Foscari' of Venice, where I developed a strong interest in ancient Greek philosophy. My BA dissertation focused on Aristotle's lost work On Ideas, and consisted in the analysis of the fragments quoted by Alexander of Aphrodisias in his commentary on the Metaphysics. My MA dissertation instead focused on the Posterior Analytics, dealing particularly with Aristotle's account of definition as it is developed in II.1-10.

I'm currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Geneva, being involved with the research project 'Theories of Cognition in the Aristotelian Commentators' (SNSF) directed by Prof. Katerina Ierodiakonou.

My Ph.D. dissertation revolves around the process of concept formation. Accordingly, I investigate what the commentators of the late antiquity have to say about induction and experience, about the role assigned to the intellect in moving from particular to universal knowledge, and eventually about the ontological status of the universals. Thus, the aim of my research is to evaluate the ancient developments of each of these issues against Aristotle's own doctrine, in order to ascertain their originality and acuity.