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Doctorant de Fabrice Teroni et de Conor McHugh



My research revolves around the notion of correctness and its ramifications in current normative theory.

I am particularly interested in what it is for something to be correct or incorrect, how judgments of correctness provide us with normative guidance, and how correctness relates to other normative concepts such as values, norms, and reasons. These questions are the object my SNSF Doc.CH project  'On the Normativity of Correctness' supervised by Prof. Fabrice Teroni and Prof. Conor McHugh.

My other research interests include topics in (i) value theory, in particular goodness, merit, norms, and the fitting-attitude analysis of value, (ii) moral psychology, in particular character traits and agentive evaluations, and (iii) metanormative theory, in particular the nature, types, and sources of normativity and their relationship to human psychology and human agency.


2020-2024: SNSF Doc.CH grant for the project 'On the Normativity of Correctness'.


— MA in Philosophy, specialisation in contemporary philosophy, Université de Genève (2019)

— BA in Philosophy and English Language and Literature, Université de Genève (2017)