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I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Center For Affective Sciences in Geneva. I completed my PhD jointly at the Institut Jean Nicod in Paris and at the University of Geneva, under the supervision of Jérôme Dokic and Fabrice Teroni. In 2019-2020 I was a Visiting Fellow at the New York University Philosophy department, hosted by Jane Friedman. In 2022-2024 I will be a postdoctoral researcher at City University of New York, hosted by Jesse Prinz, and subsequently at the University of Toronto, hosted by Jennifer Nagel.


I work at the intersection of philosophy of emotion, epistemology, and cognitive science. My dissertation, entitled "The Anxious Inquirer: Emotions and Epistemic Uncertainty"was part of the "Feel bad, Live well!" FNS Project on negative emotions led by Julien Deonna and Fabrice Teroni. In this dissertation, I explore the relation between the epistemic attitude of doubt and the emotion of anxiety, and I propose a model of the affective architecture of doubt inspired in part by research in psychiatry on the persistent and recurring doubt of patients with Obsessive-compulsive disorder. My current project is entitled "How we feel the future: hope, anxiety, and hypothetical thinking" and concerns the emotion-cognition interactions at play in the way we engage with future possibilities and apprehend their value for us. It is financed by a solo "Postdoc Mobility" grant from the Swiss National Funds for Research.



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