Alberto Corti

PhD student of Christian Wüthrich

Alberto Corti is a PhD student in philosophy and metaphysics of science at the University of Urbino (supervisor: Vincenzo Fano) in co-tutorship with the University of Geneva (supervisor: Christian Wüthrich). He is currently working on his PhD project “the metaphysics of quantum indeterminacy” where he is investigating the applicability of metaphysical indeterminacy accounts to quantum phenomena. Before his current position, he obtained both his bachelor and master in philosophy at the State University of Milan and he spent six months at the master of arts in philosophy at the Università della Svizzera Italiana of Lugano. His main interests lies in metaphysics (in particular persistence through time and indeterminacy), philosophy of science (debate on scientific realism and foundations of quantum mechanics) and their combination i.e. metaphysics of physics/naturalized metaphysics.