Céline Schöpfer

Doctorante de Florian Cova

My first studies were in psychomotor therapy, for which I holds a degree from the Geneva Haute École de Travail Social. I experienced working in a therapeutic day-care center, in a specialized education center and in a private office setting. I then obtained a Master's degree in Philosophy from the University of Lausanne, where I specialized in the philosophy of science. My final dissertation focused on the ontology of moral properties in relation to physicalism and the scientific method, where I proposed a reflection on the moral error theory in the light of writings on cognitive bias.

My PhD research deals with critical thinking and it is done under the supervision of Prof. Florian Cova and Prof. Fabrice Clément. Many researchers believe that critical thinking training is an indispensable element in the fight against fake news, conspiracy theories or irrational beliefs. However, this notion presents serious conceptual problems. For example, there is a plethora of definitions of critical thinking and no onsensus among them. This vagueness generates certain misunderstandings that can induce undesirable effects - such as a certain distrust of scientific authorities, due to excessive skepticism. The challenge of this project is to undertake a critical analysis of critical thinking in order to determine what exactly should be taught under this name. If you are interested in learning more about my research, check this out.