Research Fellows

Annamaria Schiaparelli

FNS Research Fellow

Biographical note:

After graduating in Philosophy at Padua University (Italy) in 1991, I spent one year at King’s College, London, working with Prof. Richard Sorabji. In 1992, I went back to Italy to complete my doctorate in Ancient Philosophy under the supervision of Profs Enrico Berti and the late Mario Mignucci. I took my viva in 1996 with a dissertation on the post-Aristotelian tradition of the Sophistical Refutations. From 1996 to 1998, I was a post-doc in Padua and I worked on the publication of my book on Galen’s treatise on Linguistic Fallacies. Then I moved to the University of Edinburgh (UK), where I was teaching Ancient Philosophy and Logic at the Department of Philosophy. From 2002 to 2011, I was a lecturer at the Queen’s College, University of Oxford (UK). My current affiliation is with the Department of Philosophy in Geneva University (CH). As “professeure collaboratrice”, I am completing my current research project, namely a translation and commentary of Aristotle’s Topics book VI to be published in the Aristotle Clarendon Series by Oxford University Press. My project is funded by the FNS.


Research Interests:

My main research area is Ancient Philosophy, in particular epistemology, ontology and history of logic. I am also interested in the post-Aristotelian and neo-Platonic tradition (I published several papers on Plotinus), and in modern logic.


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