Professeurs et Professeures

Claudio Calosi

Assistant Professor

I work mainly in Philosophy of Physics and Metaphysics. In fact, I am the PI for the SNF-funded project, The Metaphysics of Quantum Objects, a project in the metaphysics of science.

Previously I have been a Post-Doctoral Fellow and Lecturer at Urbino University, University of Neuchâtel ---and Visiting Research Scholar and Professor at University of Pittsburgh, University of California at Irvine, New York University, and University of Leeds. The core of my research -I'd say- concerns the application of formal methods (e.g. mereology, topology, dependence, location, plural logic) to broad philosophical issues such as identity, composition, persistence through time, and fundamentality. Lately I have been doing some work in Philosophy & Literature as well.

When I am not doing philosophy, I am reading, or watching Roger Federer and the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

I dress in black. 


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