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Biological Interest Group


The lake geneva BIOLOGICAL INTEREST GROUP is a forum for discussing biology from a multitude of perspectives, including philosophical, scientific and historical, and was founded in 2012 at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Geneva. Our standing members are based in different institutions at the Universities of Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, and Milan. We consider ourselves to be part of a BIG international movement that includes kindred groups at the University of Minnesota and the University of Exeter. Our members are also participating in the From Biological Practice to Scientific Metaphysics initiative, sinergia and What if? research projects.

Our meetings take place on Tuesdays from 12:15 to 14:00 in Bâtiment des Philosophes in the room Phil102 (22, boulevard des Philosophes). We discuss our own research as well as other contemporary philosophical, scientific and historical work that addresses interesting biological issues.

Everyone is welcome!

Members in Geneva

William Bausman  
Luis Bordo Garcia
Silvia de Cesare
Christine Clavien
Lucie Cauwet
Michaela Egli
Michal Hladky
Anatolii Kozlov
Michele Luchetti
Guillaume Schlaepfer
Michael Stuart
Marcel Weber

External members

Rawad El Skaf (Salzburg)
Tiberiu Popa (Butler University)
Christian Sachse (Lausanne)
Raphael Scholl (Cambridge)


Program (provisional) Fall Term 2021

12 October            Marcel Weber: “Max Weber on causal selection and the value-freedom of science”

19 October            Silvia De Cesare on Canguilhem and the analytical debate on evolutionary progress 

26 October            Anatolii Kozlov, "Learning from models is not make-believing"

9 November          José Pérez Escobar on mathematizing biology

30 November        Michele Lucchetti and Matteo De Benedetto, "A dynamic model of theory choice: Epistemic values as  
                              environmental niches"

7 December          Michaela Egli on method in clinical research

14 Dececember     Will Bausman on Oliver Sacks’s philosophy of science

21 December         TBA



Past Activities


If you are interested in the group, in attending the weekly meetings, or in presenting your own work at one of the meetings, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Marcel Weber 
Département de Philosophie 
Université de Genève 
2, rue de Candolle 
CH-1211 Genève 4 
Tél.: +41.22.379.7050 (secrétariat) 
Email: Marcel.Weber(at)unige.ch