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Geneva Centre for Philosophy of Science

The Geneva Centre for Philosophy of Science promotes discussions among philosophers and scientists on various topics including new theoretical and methodological developments of science, its history and its practice and their relation to the philosophical questions of epistemic, ontological and metaphysical nature.

The Centre is co-directed by Professor Marcel Weber and by Professor Christian Wüthrich leading respectively the following groups


Geneva Symmetry Group (GSG)

Our members are based in different institutions at the Universities of Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, and Milan and we organise conferences, seminars, workshops and other events with groups from leading universities around the world.

Members in Geneva

Department of Philosophy

Augustin Baas (Geneva)
William Bausman (Geneva)
Lorenzo Casini (Geneva)
Pablo Carnino (Geneva)
Karen Crowther (Geneva)
Michal Hladky (Geneva)
Maximilian Huber (Geneva)
Baptiste Le Bihan (Geneva)
Niels Linnemann (Geneva)
Andrea Loettgers (Geneva)
Guillaume Schlaepfer (Geneva)
Raphael Scholl (Geneva)
Marcel Weber (Geneva)
Christian Wüthrich (Geneva)

Other departments

Bruno Strasser (Geneva)

External members

Christine Clavien (Geneva)
Michael Esfeld (Lausanne)
Pierre-Luc Germain (Milan)
Marie I. Kaiser (Cologne)
François Pellet (Münster)
Christian Sachse (Lausanne)
Pietro Snider (Basel)

Our research projects

From Biological Practice to Scientific Metaphysics
sinergia project : Grounding – Metaphysics, Science, and Logic
What if? : Counterfactual Thinking and Thought Experiments
Beyond Spacetime
- Philosophy of quantum gravity (Christian Wüthrich, Nick Huggett)
Southern California Philosophy of Physics Group
Inferentialism, Bayesianism and Scientific Explanation

Kindred groups

University of Minnesota Biological Interest Group
University of Exeter Biological Interest Group

Visit us

If you are interested in cooperation or participation to the activities of the Geneva Centre for Philosophy of Science, please do not hesitate to contact either Professor Marcel Weber or Professor Christian Wüthrich.

Marcel Weber 
Département de Philosophie 
Université de Genève 
2, rue de Candolle 
CH-1211 Genève 4 
Tél.: +41.22.379.7050 (secrétariat) 
Email: Marcel.Weber(at)unige.ch

Christian Wüthrich
Département de Philosophie 
Université de Genève 
2, rue de Candolle 
CH-1211 Genève 4 
Tél.: +41.22.379.7050 (secrétariat) 
Email: Christian.Wuthrich(at)unige.ch