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The genevan research group on emotions, values and norms


Thumos is proud to announce that Arturs Logins obtained a Ambizione grant from the Swiss National Foundation.

The Fall Thumos seminar series will start 26.09.2019


Next activities

The Thumos seminar, which is the main research activity of our group, takes place on Thursdays, 16h15-17h45 at Uni-Bastions (room B214). The schedule can be found here. The archives of the Thumos seminar are available here.


Recent publications

"An empirical investigation of guilty pleasures" by K. Goffin & F. Cova has been published in Philosophical Psychology

"Epistemic Anxiety, Adaptive Cognition, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder" by J. Vazard has been published in Discipline Filosofiche

"Subjective Unpossessed Reasons" by A. Logins has been published in Thought
"Estimating the reproducibility of experimental philosophy" by F. Cova et al. has been published in Review of Philosophy and Psychology
Qui peut sauver la morale? by F. Jaquet & H. Naar has been published with Ithaque
Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Aesthetics  edited by F. Cova & S. Réhault has been published with Bloomsbury

Petit Traité des valeurs edited by J. Deonna & E. Tieffenbach has been published with Ithaque