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The genevan research group on emotions, values and norms


A review of le Petit Traité des valeurs has been published in En attendant Nadeau.


Next activities

The Thumos seminar, which is the main research activity of our group, takes on Thursdays, 16h15-17h45 at the Uni-Bastions (room A206). The schedule can be found here. Archives of Thumos seminar are available here.


Recent publications

"The Tangled Web of Agency" by Alain Pe-Curto, Julien Deonna & David Sander has been published in Behavioral and Brain Sciences

"Not quite neo-sentimentalism" by Tristram Oliver-Skuse has been published in Canadian Journal of Philosophy
Petit Traité des valeurs edited by J. Deonna & E. Tieffenbach has been published with Ithaque

Shadows of the Soul edited by C. Tappolet, F. Teroni & A. Konzelmann Ziv has been published with Routledge

The Ontology of Emotions edited by H. Naar & F. Teroni has been published with Cambridge University Press

"'That's deep!': The Role of being Moved and Feeling of Profundity in the Appreciation of Serious Narratives" in The Palgrave Handbook of Affect Studies and Textual Criticism (Wehrs D. & Blake T. eds.) by F. Cova, J. Deonna & D. Sander has been published with Palgrave macmilan

"Affect, perceptual experience, and disclosure" by D. Vanello has been published in Philosophical Studies


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