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The genevan research group on emotions, values and norms


Thumos is pleased to welcome Kris Goffin as a new post-doc and Magalie Schor as a new PhD student.
Thumos is also pleased to ho
st Matilde Aliffi for the month of October and Ariele Niccoli for the first half of October.


Next activities

The Thumos seminar, which is the main research activity of our group, takes on Thursdays, 16h15-17h45 at Uni-Bastions (room B214). The schedule can be found here. Archives of Thumos seminar are available here.

October 25, 2018 -  Thumos seminar

Matilde Aliffi (Birmingham) - Emotions and Epistemic Responsibility

There will be a Quodlibet by Arturs Logins - Emotional Lotteries and Problems of Confidence. A New Approach to the Lottery Paradox and Belief - afterward


Recent publications

"Sartre's Theory of Motivation" by D. Vanello is forthcoming in Southern Journal of Philosophy

"Estimating the reproducibility of experimental philosophy" by F. Cova et al. has been published in Review of Philosophy and Psychology

"De Pulchritudine non est Disputandum? A cross-cultural investigation of the alleged intersubjective validity of aesthetic judgment" by F. Cova et al. ha been published in Mind & Language

"Subjectivism and Relational Relational Good" by Fritz-Anton Fritzson has been published in Ethical Theory and Moral Practice

"On seeming to Remember" by F. Teroni has been published in (Michaelian K., Debus D., Perrin D. eds.) New Directions in the Philosophy of Memory, Routledge

Petit Traité des valeurs edited by J. Deonna & E. Tieffenbach has been published with Ithaque

Shadows of the Soul edited by C. Tappolet, F. Teroni & A. Konzelmann Ziv has been published with Routledge

The Ontology of Emotions edited by H. Naar & F. Teroni has been published with Cambridge University Press


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