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The genevan research group on emotions, values and norms


  • We are happy to announce that Agnès Baehni will join Thumos as doctoral assistant with a project on self-reflexive attitudes.
  • We are happy to announce that Mathilde Cappelli will join Thumos as overhead assistant for a period of one year with a project on emotions and consciousness.
  • We are happy to announce that Juliette Vazard will join Thumos with a one year postdoctoral project on hope and anxiety.

Forthcoming events 

The Thumos seminar, which is the main research activity of our group, takes place on Thursdays, 16h15-17h45 at Uni-Bastions (room B214). The schedule can be found here. The archives of the Thumos seminar are available here.

  • October 19th 2021: CISA seminar by Constant Bonard
  • April 7th-8th 2022: Attitudinal Normativity Workshop (TBC)
  • June 23rd 24th 2022: Conference on Political Emotions
  • June 22nd 2022: Symposium on 'The Philosophy of Envy'
  • May 31st - June 2nd 2022: SoPhA Jeunes Chercheurs

More information on upcoming workshops here

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