The conference will be held at:

40, Bd. du Pont d'Arve
1211 Geneva 4
GPS coordinates - 46° 11.684' N, 6° 8.42' E      Map

Public transportation

You do not need to buy a ticket for the transportation. You can take the trams, buses and the train (from the airport to the main train station) for free, once the hotel reservation presented.

If you arrive at the Cointrin airport, you can take the train, which connects the airport to the main train station, Cornavin (5 minutes). The airport is at about 6 km (4 miles) from the Cornavin train station where the hotels are located.
Alternatively, you can take a bus to downtown. The bus number 10 will take you from the airport to the Cornavin train station, which is close to the downtown area and generally the hotels.
The tramway number 15 stops right in front of Uni-Mail (where the conference will take place) and at the train station. You can take the tramway number 15 from almost all the hotels. For more information on bus, routes please check the public transportation site at


The taxi fare from the airport to the downtown area will cost you approximately CHF 40 depending on traffic density. Taxis may be ordered by phone (+4122 3202202/ 022 3314133) or found at authorized taxi stands. However, the public transportation network is well organized and should be your preferred means of transportation. Parking facilities exist in the basement of the Uni-Mail building, but they are rather expensive.


You will find foreign exchange counters at the airport, the train station and most hotels. In addition any bank branch has an exchange department. Banks are open Monday to Friday 08:30 to 16:30. At other times, money can be changed at the train station (Cornavin). All prices indicated here are approximate prices in Swiss Francs. Presently, USD 1.00 is about CHF 1.00 and Euro 1.00 about CHF 1.15.
Visa and Mastercard are accepted almost everywhere in Geneva. American Express and particularly Diner's Club cards are less commonly accepted.


The weather in Geneva may vary a great deal. The city is located at 375 meters (1227 feet) above the sea level. You can check the weather forecast for instance at Google, Intellicast or Yahoo!.

Time Zone

The local time in Geneva is GMT+1.