L’Enseignement mathématique
Monograph no. 38

(ISBN 2-940264-05-8)

Essays on Geometry and Related Topics: Mémoires dédiés à André Haefliger

edited by E. Ghys, P. de la Harpe, V.F.R. Jones, V. Sergiescu, T. Tsuboi
softbound, 2 volumes (not sold separately)
610 pages, 2001; 124 CHF

This monograph contains 22 original papers dedicated to André Haefliger by some of his mathematician friends.


  • Christian Bonatti et Xavier Gómez-Mont
       Sur le comportement statistique des feuilles de certains feuilletages holomorphes.

  • Armand Borel
       Élie Cartan, Hermann Weyl et les connexions projectives.

  • Raoul Bott and Cliff Taubes
       A remark on integral geometry.

  • Martin R. Bridson
       On the subgroups of semihyperbolic groups.

  • Marco Brunella
       Invariance par déformations de la dimension de Kodaira d'un feuilletage sur une surface.

  • Dan Burghelea and Stefan Haller
       On the topology and analysis of a closed one form. I. (Novikov's theory revisited).

  • Grant Cairns and Pierre Molino
       Weakly involutive totally geodesic distributions of constant rank.

  • Laurent Clozel et Jean-Pierre Otal
       Unique ergodicité des correspondances modulaires.

  • Alain Connes and Henri Moscovici
       Differentiable cyclic cohomology and Hopf algebraic structures in transverse geometry.

  • Shrikrishna G. Dani
       On the Oppenheim conjecture on values of quadratic forms.

  • Yakov M. Eliashberg and Nikolai M. Mishachev
       Holonomic approximation and Gromov's h-principle.

  • Étienne Ghys, Xavier Gómez-Mont and Jodi Saludes
       Fatou and Julia components of transversely holomorphic foliations.

  • Emmanuel Giroux
       Sur les transformations de contact au-dessus des surfaces.

  • Rostislav Grigorchuk and Pierre de la Harpe
       Limit behaviour of exponential growth rates for finitely generated groups.

  • Misha Gromov
       Small cancellation, unfolded hyperbolicity, and transversal measures.

  • Vaughan F.R. Jones
       The annular structure of subfactors.

  • Bernard Malgrange
       Le groupoïide de Galois d'un feuilletage.

  • Shigenori Matsumoto and Takashi Tsuboi
       Transverse intersections of foliations in three-manifolds.

  • Dusa McDuff
       Symplectomorphism groups and almost complex structures.

  • Hiroyuki Minakawa
       Deformations of PL-representations of surface groups.

  • Shigeyuki Morita
       Structure of the mapping class group and symplectic representation theory.

  • Gérald Troessaert and Alain Valette
       On values at integer points of some irrational, binary quadratic forms.