Symposium on the Occasion
of the 100th Anniversary of ICMI

(Rome, 5–8 March 2008)


ICMI’s challenges and future

An important part of the Symposium is devoted to an in-depth analysis of what ICMI has achieved since its etablishment in 1908, trying to better understand what historical circumstances, structures, actions and persons made these achievements possible. All along these years, ICMI has addressed what it perceived as the most important challenges raised by the teaching and learning of mathematics worldwide. What are those we have to face now and what can be learnt from ICMI’s past for facing them? In this session, two members of the mathematics education community from different cultural backgrounds will be asked to present their personal vision of the main challenges to be faced today and of what could be expected from ICMI as regards these in the future.

Mamokgethi Setati (South Africa), Morten Blomhøj (Denmark)