Symposium on the Occasion
of the 100th Anniversary of ICMI

(Rome, 5–8 March 2008)


The professional formation of teachers

This working group will focus on the historical evolution of conceptions of the various forms of knowledge and skills for mathematics teaching practice, and the role of ICMI in this domain. The group will also consider opportunities to acquire such knowledge and skills. The Working Group will examine, in particular, the traditional dichotomy between content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge. It will also trace how the standing of the teacher as a professional has evolved over time.

The broad theme of this working group can be addressed in diverse ways. We consider the following topics particularly relevant:

All participants in the Working Group are asked to prepare a short paper (no more than 5 pages). Each contribution will be published on the Symposium Website and on the Symposium CD. The submitted papers, due June 30 2007, will also be used as a resource by the two co-chairs of the WG in their synthesis paper of the WG’s deliberations.

Please feel free to contact us should you need more information or have further questions.

Co-chairs: Deborah Ball (USA), Barbro Grevholm (Sweden/Norway)



Some historical moments in the ICMI history of formation of mathematics teachers, by Barbro Grevholm