Symposium on the Occasion
of the 100th Anniversary of ICMI

(Rome, 5–8 March 2008)


Mathematics Education: an ICMI perspective


It can be argued that ICMIs impact on the field of mathematics education is both defined and reflected through the affiliated groups that it has recognized (and in some cases incubated) and through the ICMI studies it has spawned. What has been gained and lost by the mathematics education communities through the choices made? For example, what has been the influence of psychology, philosophy, history, ethnography, anthropology, on mathematics education? Have their approaches been adopted? Have some been privileged over others?


The broad theme of this working group can be addressed in diverse ways. We consider the following topics particularly relevant:

Participants in the Working Group are asked to prepare a short paper (no more than 5 pages). Each contribution will be published on the Symposium Website and on the Symposium CD. The submitted papers, due June 30, 2007, will also be used as a resource by the two co-chairs of the WG in their synthesis paper of the WGs deliberations.

To facilitate our planning we would appreciate receiving your expression of interest by March 15, 2007 at the latest.

Please note that at this stage we are unable to offer any financial support.

Please feel free to contact us should you need more information or have further questions. (Text also available as a Word document.)

We look forward to working with you!

Co-chairs: Gilah Leder (Australia), Luis Radford (Canada)



Mathematics education: an ICMI perspective, by Gilah Leder and Luis Radford