Symposium on the Occasion
of the 100th Anniversary of ICMI

(Rome, 5–8 March 2008)

ICMI medals
ICMI was established in 1908, during the International Congress of Mathematicians held in Rome, with the aim of supporting interest among mathematicians in school education. Its first president was Felix Klein.

A symposium was held in Rome to celebrate the 100th anniversary of this institution. It was addressed to a selected group of participants (150–200 people), under the title

Klein medal

The First Century of the International Commission
on Mathematical Instruction (1908-2008)

Reflecting and Shaping the World of Mathematics Education

Venue: Accadèmia dei Lincèi (Wednesday to Friday, March 5-7) and Istituto dell'Enciclopedía Italiana (Saturday, March 8)
1) Palazzo Corsini: Via della Lungara, 10 map 2) Palazzo Mattei: Via Paganica, 3 << CLICK HERE!

Starting out from a historical analysis of the principal themes regarding the activities of ICMI (reforms in the teaching of the sciences, teacher training, relations with mathematicians and with research, and so on), discussions focused on identifying future directions of research in mathematics education and possible actions to be taken to improve the level of scientific culture in various countries.

The International Programme Committee, chaired by Ferdinando Arzarello (Italy), also included Michèle Artigue (France, President of ICMI), Hyman Bass (USA), Jo Boaler (United Kingdom), Marcelo Borba (Brazil), Daniel Coray (Switzerland, Managing Editor of the journal L’Enseignement Mathématique), Fulvia Furinghetti (Italy), Livia Giacardi (Italy), Bernard R. Hodgson (Canada, Secretary-General of ICMI), Jeremy Kilpatrick (USA), Gilah Leder (Australia), Marta Menghini (Italy, member of the local committee), Mogens Niss (Denmark), Lee Peng Yee (Singapore), Gert Schubring (Germany), and Renuka Vithal (South Africa).

Organising Committee: Mario Barra, Marta Menghini (Dipartimento di Matematica, University of Rome "La Sapienza"), Giuseppe Accascina (Dipartimento Me.Mo.Mat., University of Rome "La Sapienza"), Bruno D'Amore (Dipartimento di Matematica, University of Bologna), Giovanni Margiotta (Ministero Pubblica Istruzione), Ferdinando Arzarello (Dipartimento di Matematica, University of Turin),

with the collaboration and kind support of: 

The programme included plenary sessions, invited short talks, and working groups. Most plenary lectures had a speaker and a reactor. Each working group had two leaders and up to 30 participants. For further information, please write to Marta Menghini.

The Proceedings are out of print.

Full text (PDF)




(4 parallel one hour sessions of 2 short presentations each)

Structure of the ICMI Symposium










10h 30



11h 30





Plenary (P0) 1h


Coffee Break


P1  45'

Reaction 20'

Discussion 25'

P3 45'

Reaction 20'

Discussion 25'

Coffee Break

P4 45'

Reaction 20'

Discussion 25'

P5  45'

Discussion 25'

P6 45'

Discussion 25'


Coffee Break


Short Presentations

2 x 30'

(4 parallel sessions)

Summaries of WGs 5 x 15'


Coffee Break

Panel 2 x 30'

Discussion 20'



P8 45’


13h  Lunch time                                                                                        



17h 30

17h 45


WGs 2h 30'

(5 parallel sessions)

Coffee Break

P2 45'

Reaction 20'

Discussion 25'

POMERIGGIO DI FORMAZIONE (Afternoon reserved for Italian Teachers)


WGs  5 x 2h 30'

(5 parallel sessions)

Coffee Break

P7 45'

Reaction 20'

Discussion 25'

Villa Adriana

Closing Buffet


LIST OF PARTICIPANTS (sorted by group)

LIST OF PARTICIPANTS (sorted by name)

LIST OF PARTICIPANTS (sorted by country)

SATURDAY EXCURSION TO TIVOLI (Villa d'Este and Villa Adriana)

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Foto del pomeriggio italiano: 

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