• L'Enseignement Mathématiques

  • Journée Georges de Rham

  • Institute Mittag-Leffler

  • Nordic Congress of Mathematicians 2013

  • Uppsala University

  • Institute Mittag-Leffler 100

  • Margulis 70, IHP, Paris

  • Svenska Nationalkommittén för matematik

  • Dynamics with Structures, fall 2019, Bernoulli Center

  • Forskning och Framsteg, Matematikdagen 2020

  • N-cube Days XIII, spring 2021, Uppsala

    Math Societies:


    Talks 2021:

  • Uppsala, PDEs and Applications seminar

  • Toronto, Hyperbolic Lunch

  • AIM workshop, Random walks beyond hyperbolic groups

  • Sarajevo, Summer School on Automorphic Forms and Related Topics, lectures

  • Cortona, Gromov hyperbolicity and negative curvature in Complex Analysis

    Talks 2020:

  • Uppsala, popular lecture, matematikseminariet

  • Zurich, Dynamical System and Ergodic Theory Seminar

  • Warwick, Ergodic Theory and Dynamical System Seminar

    Talks 2019:

  • Montpellier, Darboux seminar

  • Nice, Geometry, Analysis and Dynamics

  • Tata Institute, Mumbai, Ergodic Geometry, lectures

  • KTH, Analysis seminar

  • Institut Mittag-Leffler, Smooth Dynamical Systems

  • Lisbon, spring school in dynamics, lectures

  • Institut Mittag-Leffler, Klein Days

  • Uni Giessen, Seminar Lie-Theorie, Geometrie und Differentialgleichungen

  • Oxford, Pansu 60

  • Neuchâtel, Colloquium

    Talks 2018:

  • Kiel, Colloquium

  • Geneva, Spectra and L2-invariants

  • Torun, Dynamical systems seminar

  • Université de Lyon, Mathematical Physics seminar

  • Tsinghua, Boundaries of topological groups, C*-algebras, symmetric spaces, and Lypunov exponents

    Talks 2017:

  • Stockholm Number Theory seminar

  • Fribourg, Geometry seminar

  • Tel Aviv, Mathematics Colloquium

  • Weizmann Institute, seminar talk

  • Lille, Propriétés géométriques et probabilistes des groupes infinis

  • Neuchâtel, Groups and Analysis seminar

  • Bielefeld, ZiF, Discrete and Continuous Models in the Theory of Network

  • Lund, Gårding Prize lecture

    Talks 2016:

  • KTH, Analysis and Dynamical Systems seminar

  • Uppsala University, popular lecture, matematikseminariet

  • Lund, colloquium

  • KTH, Dynamical systems conference

  • Paris, Jussieu, In honor of Ledrappier

  • Aalto University, Analysis seminar

    Talks 2015:

  • ETH Zürich, Geometry seminar

  • Fribourg, Colloquium

  • Lille, Aspects métriques et dynamiques en analyse complexe

  • Notre Dame, Thematic Program on Boundaries and Dynamics

  • Nancy, Non-Positive Curvature & Infinite Dimensions

  • Jerusalem, Furstenberg 80, Israeli ergodic theory 50

  • Geneva, Battelle Seminar

    Talks 2014:

  • Universität Tübingen, Kolloquium

  • IHP, Paris, Random walks on groups

  • Uppsala universitet, Analysis and Stochastics

  • Uppsala universitet, Probability and Statistics

  • KTH Stockholm, Analysis and Dynamical systems

  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Group actions seminar

  • KTH, Dynamik i Sverige

  • Cortona, Woess 60

  • Stockholm, Operator Theory, Analysis and Mathematical Physics

  • Universität Bremen, Mathematisches Kolloquium

  • Yale University, Group Actions and Dynamics

  • Université de Rennes 1, Ergodic theory seminar

    Talks 2013:

  • Paris 7, Analyse et Géometrie

  • Paris 7, Algèbres d'opéateurs

  • UM, Ann Arbor, Random Walks on Groups, three lectures

  • Cajon del Maipo, Nonpositive curvature

  • Stockholm, Facets of Geometry

  • U Lyon 1, Conference in honor of Margulis

  • Les Diablerets, Metric Geometry

  • Université Lille 1, Aspects géometriques et dynamiques des groupes discrets

  • Strasbourg, 92e rencontre entre mathématiciens et physiciens théoreticiens

    Talks 2012:

  • KTH, Analysis and Dynamical Systems

  • Warwick, Ergodic theory and dynamical systems: Perspectives and Prospects

  • Oberwolfach, Geometric Group Theory, Hyperbolic Dynamics and Symplectic Geometry

  • Tufts, Geometric group theory and Topology seminar

  • Harvard, Informal Seminar: Dynamics and Geometry

  • CCNY, Mathematics Colloquium

  • Oxford, Geometry and Analysis Seminar

  • Stockholm, Seminar

  • Geneva, Basic Notions Seminar

    Talks 2011:

    London Mathematics Society:

  • Durham, Pure Mathematics Colloquium

  • Warwick, Ergodic theory and dynamical systems

  • Bristol, Ergodic theory and dynamical systems

  • Fribourg, Kollokvium

  • Graz, Spring School in discrete probability, ergodic theory and combinatorics

  • Orsay, Ergodic Geometry

  • Lille, Géométrie et dynamique des groupes de convergence

  • Banff, Groups, Graphs, and Stochastic Processes

  • MSRI, Quantitative Geometry

  • Université de Grenoble, Topologie

    Talks 2010:

  • Tripode, Théorie des groupes

  • Institut Mittag-Leffler, Dynamics and PDE

  • Université de Genève

  • Université de Neuchâtel, Colloque

  • EPFL, Geometry and Ergodic Theory seminar

  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Geometry seminar

  • Zakopane, Analysis, Geometry and Probability Related to Group Actions

  • Roscoff, Propriétés stochastiques des systèmes dynamiques et marches aléatoires

  • Oberwolfach, Geometric Group Theory, Hyperbolic Dynamics and Symplectic Geometry

  • Universität Münster, Kollokvium

  • ETH-Zürich, Geometry seminar

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