Random Matrices and Random Landscapes

Conference in honour of Yan Fyodorov's 60th birthday

24-29 July 2022, Congressi Stefano Franscini, Ascona, Switzerland


The conference is on the mathematics of complex physical systems, with an emphasis on the interaction between mathematics and physics. The particular focus is on random matrix theory and its applications. The programme is aligned to four key topics:

  • Random landscapes and dynamics of glassy systems
  • Random matrices, random Schrödinger operators and sigma-models
  • Multifractality and log-correlated random fields
  • Coulomb gases and large deviations
  • Format

  • Invited talks
  • Contributed posters, each with a short preview talk; CSF Prize for best poster
  • Schedule
  • Full programme
  • Talks

    David Belius Ali Bereyhi Giulio Biroli Paul Bourgade
    Nathanaël Berestycki Alexei Borodin Jean-Philippe Bouchaud Chiara Cammarota
    Margherita Disertori Alice Guionnet Kurt Johansson Antti Kupiainen
    Bertrand Lacroix-A-Chez-Toine Gaultier Lambert Pierre Le Doussal Alexander Mirlin
    Leonid Pastur Grégory Schehr Sylvia Serfaty Nick Simm
    Thomas Spencer Evgeny Strahov Konstantin Tikhonov Christian Webb
    Ofer Zeitouni Martin Zirnbauer

    Poster presentations

    Benson Au Jean Barbier Giovanni Cicuta Indrajit Jana Anastasis Kafetzopoulos
    Jaron Kent-Dobias Ulirch Kuhl Jaehun Lee Anna Maltsev Luca Molinari
    Benjamin McKenna David Padilla-Garza Roman Riser Mo Dick Wong Tim Würfel
    Prize for best poster and presentation awarded to Jaehun Lee.

    Conference photo

    Sketchbook from the conference by Suncana Dulic and Frauke Lara Düll.


    Gernot Akemann, Boris Khoruzhenko, Antti Knowles, Dmitry Savin


  • Congressi Stefano Franscini
  • University of Geneva
  • European Research Council
  • Swiss National Science Foundation
  • Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft SFB1283
  • Image credit: Benjamin McKenna