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Ligne 3: Ligne 3:
 The normal starting time of this seminar is 16.30 on Monday. The normal starting time of this seminar is 16.30 on Monday.
 +  Monday, Dec, 20th, 16h15 - 18h15
 +**On the asymptotics of Arakelov invariants**
 +We will discuss the asymptotics of invariants of Riemann
 +surfaces motivated by Arakelov theory. These invariants play a
 +fundamental role in bounds for the number of geometric torsion points on
 +curves. We will show that their asymptotic behaviour in families of
 +degenerating Riemann surfaces is controlled by their tropical counterparts.
 +  Fri 17.12.2021, 13h30, room 6-13
 +  Andras Szenes
 +**Diagonal bases and wall-crossings in moduli spaces of vector bundle**
 +The idea  of the calculation of the Hilbert function of the moduli spaces of vector bundles on Riemann surfaces goes back to the works of Michael Thaddeus in the early 90’s.
 +I describe joint work with Olga Trapeznikova where this plan is carried out in detail, which uses only basic tools of Geometric Invariant Theory and a combinatorial/analytic device introduced by myself: the diagonal basis of hyperplane arrangements.
 +  Nov 1, 16h15. Room 06-13
 +  Vasily Golyshev (Moscow, Bures-sur-Yvette) 
 +**Markov numbers in number theory, topology, algebraic geometry, and differential equations**
 +I will explain how the Markov numbers arise in different mathematical
 +disciplines, and sketch the links. A recent contribution will be discussed, too.
   2020, Wednesday, May 20, 16:00 (CEST), Virtual seminar, Lionel Lang (Stockholm University)   2020, Wednesday, May 20, 16:00 (CEST), Virtual seminar, Lionel Lang (Stockholm University)
 +Meeting ID: 592 872 9514  Password: (the number of lines on a cubic surface)
 **Co-amoebas, dimers and vanishing cycles** **Co-amoebas, dimers and vanishing cycles**
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