Detailed program

IFRS Mini-symposium 15th-16th June 2021

All times are CET

Day 1, Tuesday June 15: 15:00-19:00

15:00 Welcome and Introduction

Marguerite Neerman-Arbez and Moniek de Maat

15:10 Session 1: Fibrin Clot Properties

Moderator: Martin Guthold

15:10   Quantification of fibrin fiber diameters using stimulated emission depletion (STED) microscopy - Judith de Vries

15:25   Modeling αC Domain and P12 interactions to study the blocking of fibrinogen fiber - Bernard Essuman

15:40   Lifestyle influences changes in fibrin clot properties over a 10-year period on a population level - Albe Swanepoel

15:55   Quantitative analysis of clot density, fibrin fiber radius, and protofibril packing in acute phase myocardial infarction  - Stephen R. Baker

 16:10   Question and answer 

16:25 Break

16:40 Session 2: Inflammation and Disease

Moderator: Alessandro Casini

16:40   What did we learn from the Lebanese cohort with afibrinogenemia? - Claudia Khayat

16:55   Fibrinogen is associated with prevalent CVD, and future all-cause and CVD mortality while also mediating the association between CVD and mortality – US NHANES data - Marlien Peters

17:10   Decreased hepatic fibrin(ogen) deposition in a mouse model of failed liver regeneration is not associated with systemic coagulation changes. - Dafna Groeneveld

17:25   Genetic truncation of the fibrinogen aC-region in mice results in severe hypofibrinogenemia with preservation of hemostasis and protection from venous thrombosis - Woosuk Hur

17:40   Question and answer 

18:00 to 19:00 (approx.) Posters and social session 1

Poster titles and presenters are listed below

Day 2, Wednesday June 16: 15:00-19:00  

15:00 Short welcome 

Marguerite Neerman-Arbez

15:05 Session 3: Biomechanics, structure and polymerization

Moderator: Moniek de Maat

15:05   Fibrin fiber extensibility depends on protein concentration during fiber formation -Christine Helms

15:20   Fibrinogen alpha-C Connector is a Major Contributor to the Mechanical Strength of Fibrin Fibers - Martin Guthold

15:35   The alphaC-regions self-interactions appear too weak to aide in fibrin assembly, as evidenced by knobs-mimic peptides assays complementing mutant fibrinogen studies - Mattia Rocco

15:50   AI-guided multiscale biomechanical model of fibrinogen: correlating with in vitro results - Ziji Zhang

16:05   Question and answer

16:20 Break

16:35 Session 4: Factor XIII

Moderator: Richard Fish

16:35   Therapeutic potential of Factor XIII reduction in the context of genetic hypercoagulability (Factor V Leiden) - Emma Bouck

16:50   Factor XIII Crosslinking Activity is Proposed to be Influenced by its Mode of Zymogen Activation - Muriel C. Maurer

17:05 Session 5: Fibrinolysis and Fibrin(ogen)-Cell Interactions

Moderator: Richard Fish

17:05   Mechanisms of Fibrinolysis of Fibrin Fibers - Nathan E. Hudson and Spencer Lynch

17:20   Effects of clot contraction, fibrin distribution, and fibrin mesh structure on blood clot degradation: a mathematical approach - Brittany Bannish

17:35   Minimizing Surface-Initiated Thrombogenesis in H1N1  Patients Using the Fibronectin-Derived Peptide,  P12 - Miriam Rafailovich

17:50   Question and answer ( sessions 4 and 5)

18:05 to 19:00 (approx.) Posters and social session 2


Poster titles and presenters

Automated Fiber Diameter and Porosity Measurements of Fibrin Clots in Scanning Electron Microscopy Images - Martin Guthold

Assessing Current Turbidimetric Approaches in Determining Fibrin Fiber Properties - Heather A. Belcher

The association of HIV and ART with plasma clot characteristics in black South Africans - Zelda de Lange-Loots

Proteomic Methods and Applications of Fibrin Post-Translational Modification Characterization - Kirk Hansen

Self-assembly of nanofibrous fibrinogen scaffolds for controlling cell interactions - Arundhati Joshi

Cerebral bleeding in Egyptian Patients with afibrinogenemia: A 15 year retrospective study - Magy Abdelwahab

Human Fibrinogen Concentrate for Bleeding Prophylaxis During Surgery in Adult, Adolescent and Pediatric Patients with Congenital Fibrinogen Deficiency: Results from the FORMA-02 and FORMA-04 Clinical Trials - Bruce Schwartz

Efficacy and Safety of Human Fibrinogen Concentrate in Patients with Congenital Fibrinogen Deficiency: Results of the FORMA-02 and FORMA-04 Clinical Trials - Bruce Schwartz

Evaluation of the Lysis Timer to investigate ‘global fibrinolysis capacity’ in plasma - François Mullier

Quantifying the Inherent Tension in Fibrin Fibers and Understanding Its Role in Fibrinolytic Clearance - Nathan E. Hudson

Identifying genes that regulate fibrinogen expression - Dre’Von A. Dobson

Fibrinogen glycosylation of end-stage renal disease patients on peritoneal dialysis - Nikola Gligorijević

Experimental acetaminophen-induced acute liver failure is associated with a profound consumptive coagulopathy - Dafna Groeneveld

Engineering 3D fibrin network topology for in vitro wound healing studies - Katja Pietsch

Conformational changes of fibrinogen self-assembled in the presence of salt - Stephani Stamboroski