LS2 Annual Meeting 2016 - 15–16 February, 2016 Amphimax/Amphipôle, Lausanne

Do not miss the LS2 Annual Meeting 2016!

The topic of the conference will be "Interdisciplinary Sciences" and will offer a wide array of cutting-edge research from interdisciplinary fields in the Life Science and plenary talks from internationally renowned speakers.

Do not miss as well the numerous educational and career development events. Our ACERM president will be present, the first day, at the round table organised by Dominique Soldati talking about “careers of men and women in Science”.  

Others “Special Sessions” seem particularly interesting like the one organized by the SV Postdoc association a competition that aims to search for "Tomorrow's PI- the Future of Swiss Research"!  If you are interested to kickstart your career as a group leader in a Swiss lab; this contest is a great chance to present your research project…




9 octobre 2015